Terms of Service Policy

My website, biimii.com, is dedicated to you and to all the other mommies out there. Though my articles and comments, I’m going to share with you my challenges, joys, happiness, and sometimes, pains of being a mom. It really isn’t easy but I love every minute of it. For me, being a mom is the best thing ever.

So through my website, you will see my world as a mom. I am more than willing share everything with you. You are welcome here just as long as you conduct yourself according to my terms and conditions.

Happy Thoughts

There are joys and pains of being a mom. But overall, it’s filled with happy thoughts. Those same thoughts are exactly what I want to share with you. My website is a place where you and I can share happy thoughts. Because of that, I will not allow any kind of demeaning language here. If your intention is to discriminate or discredit an individual or a company, this is NOT the place for you.

I will only welcome messages, articles, and comments that have something to do with being a mom. If it’s not mommy related, then it doesn’t belong here.

Verify And Validate

I will be featuring some commercial products and service providers here from time to time. These are products and service providers I believe in. I actually use them and find them very effective. There are times when I am compensated to feature them. There are times when I’m not. But in both occasions, I have full trust in these product and service providers. The bottom line is that they help me a lot in my daily activities as a mom.

Should you want to try any of the products and service providers featured here, you agree to verify and validate my findings. When it comes to making a choice, two heads are better than one.

Permission For Use Of Content

I really enjoy writing and blogging. I think it’s a fantastic way to express and to share thoughts. All the articles posted here have all been squeezed from my creative juices. I own all of them.

If you want to share them, you have to contact me first. I’d feel very flattered knowing you have found my articles very useful that you want to share them. But you need to contact me first before doing so.

Now that you have a clear-cut view of how to conduct yourself on my website, you are more than welcome to be here. After all, this website is dedicated to you.

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