Privacy Policy

My Commitment Is To Protect Your Privacy

It is important that you know how your personal information is collected online. Each time you surf the internet, something about you is revealed. My policy on privacy aims to inform you how we are able to gather some important facts about you. For the safety of your identity, you should take some time to go over this.

Each computer has its own, unique identification number called IP address. This IP address becomes visible once you are online. I am able to catch your IP address when you post a comment here on my website. So I can pretty much tell where you are coming from. I am able to study the traffic of my website by profiling the various IP addresses I get here on my website. That’s a big help to me because, in a way, I get to know who my visitors are. I can use that data to enhance my website.

I would never sell your IP address. I would also never ever share it with anybody. The IP addresses I am able to collect here are never released or revealed in any way.

I am also able to gather your email address when you post a comment and when you use my contact form.

Both your IP and email addresses are very important. I would never do anything to compromise the privacy of the personal information you provide here on my website. Hence, I would never ever release it from my website. It is my commitment to protect and to shield it from the public.

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