Simple Games For Kids To Play


I grew up in a generation where technology was not that advanced but imagination was wild. Seeing how some children only enjoy playing with high-tech toys and games, make me panic.

Back in the days, an empty can of coffee, Popsicle sticks, paper, and glue make for a shiny robot. Our materials were scarce but our imagination and creativity were up and running.

I have nothing against modern innovation but there must be a conscious effort to promote the simplest way of having fun. In my opinion, parents should take time out to create things with kids to enhance their imagination. Activities like role playing or making toys using materials like leaves, branches, stones, and the like are focused on enhancing the creativity of the child.

My favorite activity with my children is making sock puppets. I gather my three the kids around and spread out materials like old socks, buttons, yarn, thread, glue, and any other materials we can use. With my supervision, we create colorful characters using the simplest materials. I see my kids participating and creating sock puppet characters of their own. The yarn for the hair and the buttons for the eyes capture the attention of the wide-eyed kids. After forming the different sock puppet characters, I tell them stories using the created puppets. They love how the characters come to life. They are really entertained by the cute looking characters. Then I give them the sock puppets and watch them play. They then exchange dialogues and actions and have a good time doing it.

This bonding activity shows that it is still possible to entertain the kids in the simplest manner. It gives me some sense of satisfaction knowing that the short exercise of creativity is able to enhance the imagination of the kids. By being creative myself. I can show my kids that fun and entertainment can come in the simplest form.

Connect With The Perfect Sitter With Sittercity

sittercity-reviews-babysitter-searchThere’s just no doubt that Sittercity has the biggest network of professional sitters. The chances of finding the right sitter are high. But don’t expect that it can happen just like that because we, parents, have to do our own part in finding the right sitter for our kids.

While Sittercity has the best pool of professional sitters, it doesn’t know exactly know the kind of sitters that we want. Only we know the perfect sitter for our kids and that’s why Sittercity urges us to do our part. That’s why it’s important to write a job post that says it all. A detailed job post on Sittercity will get us the sitter that we need.

Writing That Perfect Job Post

The first step in finding or connecting to the right sitter on Sittercity is by writing a job post, according to this article on It’s not enough to write a job post that says “Wanted Babysitter!” Those one-liner job notices will not catch the attention of a professional sitter.

It’s important to keep in mind that the professional babysitters are also very cautious in finding the right employer. So as much as we are looking for a reliable and trustworthy sitter for our kids, professional sitters are also looking for the same traits in their future employers. The best way to make that positive impact on the sitter is by writing a job post that reflects such qualities. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind while writing a job post.

Start With A Title That’s Specific

A title that’s very specific can easily catch the attention of the sitter we are looking for. Writing a specific title like “In Need Of A Weekend Sitter For A Seven-Year Old Son” can easily filter out the applicants that don’t work on weekends.

Having a title that’s very specific can save a lot of time. It automatically just pools the right kind of applicants willing to do the job, says Stephanie from

Professional childcare providers will only respond to well-written job posts. No professional person will take a job post seriously if it’s written badly. Bad grammar and incomplete sentences will not get us the sitter that we can trust and rely on. We have to take some time to edit our job post before submitting it.

Include All The Details In The Job Post

Writing a specific job post means including all the details. So if I were looking for a sitter for my son, I would include his age. This zooms into the right kind of applicants that have enough experience with that particular age group. I will also mention the coverage of their tasks and responsibilities which my include picking up my son in school. It’s best to really maximize the space provided for by Sittercity. For more info, see:

Sittercity has a rate guide that I find very useful. In my experience, adding a dollar or two to the standard rate gets me the professional and dedicated sitters.

Establish Doable Expectations

To connect to the right sitter, it’s best to establish doable expectations. This way, the applicants won’t turn away from the job post. Knowing that they can do the job well, they will be more likely to respond to a job post that has realistic expectations.

Finding the right sitter on Sittercity is not hard but it does take some time and effort. As parents, we really have to write a descriptive job post so that we can connect to the perfect sitter.

Sittercity Spells Out The Features That Matter To Me

sittercity-reviews-sittersThere are a lot of online childcare providers but I have stayed with Sittercity through and through. I remember signing up for it seven years ago and I never looked back. Since then, Sittercity has been my resource for all my childcare needs. While researching on the service back then, I came across some Sittercity reviews which provided great insights on the service.

So over the years, I have gotten so familiar with Sittercity. For me, Sittercity spells out its own features.


Sittercity is all about safety. The tools and the whole selection process have all been established on the pillars of safety. As a mom, I feel safe that I can read all the resumes of the applicants, talk to their previous employers, and even run a background check. I can choose the right sitter for my kids and not worry about them when I’m not around. That for me is the biggest factor why I chose Sittercity.


The cost of the services of Sittercity is inexpensive but it’s not cheap. It’s inexpensive because anyone can afford to sign up for a yearly membership. But it’s not cheap because we have to pay for added services. For example, if we want to run a background check, we would have to pay extra. However, the extra payment is worth it. After all, the safety of my children is priceless. Sittercity is really inexpensive considering it guarantees peace of mind. In fact, using a discount Sittercity promo can save you money.

Trained Sitters

My seven years with Sittercity has exposed me to professional and well-trained sitters. I have hired sitters that know CPR and First Aid. At one time, I had a sitter that had a solid background on child psychology. It just feels good that my children are under a watchful eye of someone that has been trained to the job well. That kind of sitter is pretty hard to find at random.

Tots Are In Good Hands

When I decided to join Sittercity, my first son was still a tot. I was a bit reluctant to leave him with some stranger but I looked over the credentials, ran a background check, and read the reviews of the my pool of applicants. When I finally found the right sitter for my son, I stopped worrying. She knew what to do and I knew my son was safe.

Expectations Met

I expect a lot from Sittercity and to this day, I’m still very satisfied. But it’s not like I get lucky with all my chosen sitters, I am able to hire the perfect sitter for my children because I make use of every safety feature Sittercity provides for me. I don’t rely on Sittercity to find me the right sitter. I always have an active participation in finding the right sitter for my kids.

Reliable Sitters

Sittercity provides me a good network of reliable sitters. This is one of the reasons why I have stayed with Sittercity for quite some time.

Caring Sitters

The sitters from Sittercity are not just reliable but also very caring, according to I like that I’m able to find someone that doesn’t just act like a warm body in the house. The sitters I have hired over the years really do care for my kids. I don’t think I can ever find sitters with that kind of caring quality anywhere else

Instant Job Posting

The minute I need a sitter, Sittercity allows me to post a job right away. It’s very easy for me to do this because Sittercity provides me an easy-to-use platform to post a job.


Sittercity understands transparency and that’s why they provide vital and crucial information from background checks and reviews from previous employers.

Young Moms Are Worry-Free

I was a young, worrying mom when I signed up for Sittercity seven years ago. Then I got to experience the care and security from hiring a sitter from Sittercity. Gradually, I was able to shed off the worry and anxiety that came with hiring a sitter.

Suffice to say, Sittercity spells out all the important features that matter to me.

My Membership With Angie’s List Is Worth Every Cent

angies-list-stress-reliefJust like any mom, I get pretty stressed with house work and taking care of my kids. As much as I love my family, my daily routine can really stress me out. There are times when I just really need to close my eyes and to relax.

According to home improvement site, hiring service providers is one of the surest ways to fight stress. By hiring service providers who can help out with house work and errands, you get to free up more time on your plate. This is where my membership with Angie’s List comes in handy. I have been a member for about three years now and every time I need some kind of help, I rely on the reviews on Angie’s List to find me the right service provider.

A Few Relaxing Tips From Angie’s List

In my years with Angie’s List, it has become more than a network of professional service providers. I read some angie’s list reviews and agree that the website is also a good resource for useful tips on just about any topic. As an example, this article on Angie’s List shares some helpful tips on how to fight stress.

Take A Deep, Deep Breath

Nothing beats this simple but relaxing exercise of breathing deeply. I find that it works for me every time I’m stressed and angry. At times when I want to express some strong points, I take in some air to clear my mind. It really lessens the stress and the heat of the moment. It’s a good way to pause and to assess the situation. It also lessens the chances of blurting out something that can start some kind of argument. As mom, this is a good way for me to keep cool.

Don’t Feel Guilty, Get Some Rest!

My daily schedule is hectic. I get up at five every morning to prepare the kids for school. The lack of sleep can really stress me out. Since I can find some reliable service providers on Angie’s List to help me with some house work, I don’t feel guilty about taking some time to sleep and to rest during the day. I find that I feel better when I am able to take some time off during the day. I don’t feel guilty because the work is done for me by a service provider that I have picked out from Angie’s List. In case you are interested in joining Angie’s List, do make sure to use the latest Angies List promo codes so that you can save more money on your membership.

I Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

I’m the kind of mom that wants everything in order. But that’s a pretty hard task to do all the time with the kids running around the house. I learned from Angie’s List that I should accept the the things I can’t change and I can’t change the fact that the kids will always be kids. Accepting that fact releases a whole lot of stress.

Live Well

Caring for the family means caring for ourselves as well. But, unfortunately, there are times when we think we are super humans. These are times when we push our limits just to get the work done. We ignore our health.

We, moms, should really take some time to live well. Exercise and eating right should also be our top priorities. In my case, I attend yoga classes thrice a week. Of course I found a great yoga studio on Angie’s List.

I Always Keep A Positive Thought

In spite of the chaos that comes with motherhood, I always make sure to keep a positive thought about everything. Nothing beats a positive outlook. It reduces the chances of getting all stressed up and it leaves me wrinkle-free.

These are just a few stress busters from Angie List. I’m just really happy that I’m able to maximize my membership. It’s worth every cent.