Simple Games For Kids To Play


I grew up in a generation where technology was not that advanced but imagination was wild. Seeing how some children only enjoy playing with high-tech toys and games, make me panic.

Back in the days, an empty can of coffee, Popsicle sticks, paper, and glue make for a shiny robot. Our materials were scarce but our imagination and creativity were up and running.

I have nothing against modern innovation but there must be a conscious effort to promote the simplest way of having fun. In my opinion, parents should take time out to create things with kids to enhance their imagination. Activities like role playing or making toys using materials like leaves, branches, stones, and the like are focused on enhancing the creativity of the child.

My favorite activity with my children is making sock puppets. I gather my three the kids around and spread out materials like old socks, buttons, yarn, thread, glue, and any other materials we can use. With my supervision, we create colorful characters using the simplest materials. I see my kids participating and creating sock puppet characters of their own. The yarn for the hair and the buttons for the eyes capture the attention of the wide-eyed kids. After forming the different sock puppet characters, I tell them stories using the created puppets. They love how the characters come to life. They are really entertained by the cute looking characters. Then I give them the sock puppets and watch them play. They then exchange dialogues and actions and have a good time doing it.

This bonding activity shows that it is still possible to entertain the kids in the simplest manner. It gives me some sense of satisfaction knowing that the short exercise of creativity is able to enhance the imagination of the kids. By being creative myself. I can show my kids that fun and entertainment can come in the simplest form.

Children and The Increasing Use of Gadgets And Technology

kids-and-gadget-technologyThese days, it is very common to see a child holding a bottle of milk in one hand and a technical gadget on the other hand. Younger children are getting more comfortable using computer or any technical gadget for that matter. It is amazing how young children know how to operate a mobile phone even before learning how to write their own names. This level of comfort with gadgets is attributed to the parents who allow their children to use their own computers, tablets, or mobile phones. As it may be beneficial for kids to learn about technology at a very young age, there are also unfavorable effects.

Children who prefer to tinker with gadgets may miss the opportunity to play active games with other kids their age. In such case where the child is always indoors, the social development may be affected. Opting to always stay indoors to tinker with gadgets can affect the social development of the child.

At an early age, it is best to get the child into sports. While tinkering with a gadget is inevitable, getting a child into a certain sport can enhance the confidence, stamina, and health.

While there are a lot of gadgets and software that can help a child learn, such gadgets and software must be treated solely as learning aids. The usage of the gadgets should be regulated and monitored.

Parents can take advantage of the modern wonders. However, there must be a conscious effort to teach the children the basics of learning. For example, reading a real book and practicing penmanship are basic learning experiences that cannot be replaced by any kind of gadget. Reading to the child at bedtime is much more rewarding than giving a child a new and shinny gadget, the time spent is more valuable than the price of any kind of gadget.

There will be more and more gadgets developed in the future. The evolution of technology is inevitable. But parents should be able to regulate and monitor the usage of such gadgets.